B x Hogure Tenmusu

B x Hogure Tenmusu

April 24th, Sat
16:00~20:00 (L.O. Onigiri  19:30 / drink 18:45)

Collaborating pop-up event with “Hogure Tenmusu Stand” is happening on April 24th, Sunday.
Hogure Onigiri (Tokyo and Kyushu based onigiri stand duo team, Eiji Hashimoto and Takuma Tomohiko), have tried our Brooklyn Brewery beers that are sold at B to get inspirations to create new original tenmusu onigiri menus just for this event!
These onigiri are  nothing like others…! They use dash rice, that is cooked with earthen pot, and fill with edomae style fried ingredients such as shrimps, eggplants and chickens.
Tenmusu onigiri is very soft and easy to break. So enjoy as soon as you get it!

■Special menu
3 kinds of Tenmusu + crispy seaweed onigiri without fillings
※Each onigiri is limited quantity.
※Last call for drinks is at 19:00.

the bridge kuramae crew

<About Hogure Onigiri>
Tokyo and Kyushu based onigiri stand duo team, Eiji Hashimoto and Takuma Tomohiko, will travel nationwide and overseas to make very unique and tasty onigiri right in front of everyone. what they offer to everyone is not only the deliciousness but also liveliness and stimulations.
They have appeared to different kinds of places/events such as food and music festivals, backstages, filming sites and more…!
Countermeasures against covid-19
※1 The staff will take your temperature and please wash your hands in the restroom.  
※2 All the guest need to be seated at the table  and entrance restrictions will apply if the venue reaches full capacity.
※3  We accept only cashless payment (Credit Card, paypay, Rakuten edy、iD、nanaco、SuicaIC、waon)