Inroom Japanese Sweets

Inroom Japanese Sweets

New items have been added to HOTEL K5’s in-room minibar.
The new items are sansho-scented “Kompeito” and bell-shaped “Wasanbon sugar.
These two items are elegantly decorated in a wooden box.

K5 has been creating a variety of designs that reflect the good old Japanese culture in the modern age. We hope that the Japanese sweets will be a part of such elements.

It would be happy to make your stay even more colorful.

Collaborator / Curator:
井上茶寮 | Inoue Saryo

Inoue Saryo develops, sells, and wholesales tea-related products in Matogata, a town facing the Seto Inland Sea.
Inspired by the unique Japanese values and reverence for nature that exist in the culture of tea, the company is constantly working on new and creative ideas.

Graphic: 小林一毅 | Ikki Kobayashi
Design: 林 絵子 | Eko Hayashi