Terms and Conditions

In order for our guests to have a safe and pleasant time, terms and conditions have been established as part of the accommodation agreement.
Non-compliance may result in cancellation of reservation in accordance with Article 6 of the accommodation agreement.

1. Valuables

Please use the safe located inside the room. We are not responsible for lost or damaged valuables.

2. Rooms

  1. Use of room by number of guests that exceeds the allowance is prohibited.
  2. Extra fee will be charged if the room is occupied without notice by number of guests that exceeds the allowance.
  3. People of minor age are prohibited to stay without permission from their parent/guardian.
  4. Use of items that may cause fire, or home appliances that are not from the hotel is prohibited.
  5. All of our facilities are non-smoking. Please use the designated smoking area.
  6. Dyeing and/or bleaching of any kind is prohibited.
  7. Posting of photos or posters, or anything that interferes with the hotel’s aesthetics is prohibited.
  8. Use of room outside of accommodation purposes is prohibited.
  9. People who are not the guests of our hotel are prohibited from entering the room.

3. Below activities and items are prohibited inside the hotel.

  1. List of items
    1. Animals of any kind (except guide dogs)
    2. Illegal drugs
    3. Items that may cause fire or harm others
    4. Weapons without permission or any imitations
    5. Items that are excessive in quantity and/or weigh
    6. Items with strong odor
    7. Trash or anything that is unsanitary
    8. Home appliances to be used inside the hotel
    9. Other items that are prohibited by the hotel
  2. Loud noise, fights, or strong odors that may cause discomfort to others
  3. Prostitution
  4. Promotion of personal business
  5. Moving, altering, or removing of the items from the hotel
  6. Neglect of personal belongings outside the room
  7. Entering employee-only areas
  8. Ordering in food/drinks from establishment that is not designated by our hotel
  9. For-profit activities
  10. Other activities that interfere with the hotel’s safety and sanitation

Accommodation Agreements 

Article 1 (if applicable)

  1. Reservation shall be subject to the accommodation agreement as well as terms and conditions. Any particulars not provided for herein shall be governed by laws and regulations and/or generally accepted practices.
  2. If special agreements are made, this will be prioritized over Article 1-1.

Article 2 (reservation request)

  1. We request the following information when making the reservation in accordance with Accommodation Business Law Article 6, Article 4-2 of decree under the same law, and prefectural regulations:
    • 1. Name of guests
    • 2. Dates of stay and time of arrival
    • 3. Reservation fee (see Table 1)
    • 4. Other information deemed necessary by the hotel
  2. Guests extending their stay will be processed as new reservation.

Article 3 (reservation)

  1. Reservations are made once Article 2 is fulfilled.
  2. Please pay the entire reservation fee prior to your stay or by the day designated by the hotel.
  3. The reservation will be cancelled under the following circumstances:
    • 1. Reservation fee is not paid prior to your stay or by the day designated by the hotel.
    • 2. Contact provided has no response and continues to be for the following 10 days.
    • 3. When contact from us is denied.
  4. We are unable to give refunds under the above circumstances (2) or (3).

Article 4 (denied reservation)

We are unable to fulfill the reservation under the following circumstances:

  1. Reservation request that is not based on this agreement.
  2. All rooms are booked.
  3. Rooms need to be provided for those who suffered natural disasters or are in emergency situations.
  4. Reservation request were made by those who are part of a gang.
  5. Accommodation for prostitution purposes.
  6. The guest has communicable disease.
  7. Request for services beyond measure were made.
  8. Natural disasters, property damage, or circumstances outside of our control.
  9. The guest is intoxicated beyond measure or causes discomfort to our guests and/or employees.
  10. The guest is perceived to have severe physical and/or mental instability.
  11. Minors without permission from their parent/guardian.
  12. Reservation that was made with intention to be transferred to others.
  13. Reservation that was made without intention to stay.
  14. Previous guest that had problems with payment.
  15. Other reasons that are applicable by laws and regulations.

Article 5 (guest’s right to cancel the reservation)

  1. Please notify the hotel for cancellation.
  2. Penalty fee will incur when cancellations are made (see Table 2).
  3. We reserve the right to cancel the reservation if the guest does not arrive by the provided time without notice.

Article 6 (hotel’s right to cancel the reservation)

  1. Hotel may cancel the reservation for the following guests:
    • 1. Part of a gang.
    • 2. Engage in violence, threat, unreasonable requests, gambling, illegal drugs, possession of weapons or imitations, prostitutions, or any activities that may cause harm to others.
    • 3. Have communicable disease.
    • 4. Request services beyond measure.
    • 5. When we are unable to provide rooms due to natural disasters, property damage, or circumstances outside of our control.
    • 6. Smoke in the room or tamper with fire safety equipment, and interfere with fire prevention.
    • 7. Transfer the accommodation to someone else.
    • 8. Unable to or delay payment.
    • 9. Provide false information.
    • 10. Intoxicated beyond measure or cause discomfort to our guests and/or employees.
    • 11. Non-compliant with this agreement or terms and conditions.
    • 12. Other reasons that are against laws and regulations.
  2. Cancellation notice will be given verbally or to contact provided under Article 2. If there is no response, Article 3-3 will be applied and it will be assumed that the guest has already been notified.
  3. If we cancel your reservation due to the above reasons, the reservation fee will not be refunded.

Article 7 (reservation registration)

In accordance with Accommodation Business Law Article 6, Article 4-2 of decree under the same law, as well as prefectural regulations, guests are asked to register the following information upon arrival:

  1. Name, age, sex, address, and occupation
  2. Nationality, passport number, country and date of entry for guests from foreign countries
  3. Date and time of departure
  4. Place of stay before arrival and after departure
  5. Other information required by the hotel

Article 8 (use of room)

  1. Guests can use the room from when they check in until they check out.
  2. Our hotel prohibits the use of room after check out, or additional fee will be charged (see Table 3).
  3. We reserve the right to enter the room for safety or sanitation reasons during the guests’ stay.

Article 9 (terms and conditions)

Guests are asked to comply with our terms and conditions.

Article 10 (hours of operation)

  1. Guests will receive information regarding our facilities’ hours of operation at the front desk or on the brochure located inside the room.
  2. We will inform the guests if the hours of operation have been changed.

Article 11 (payment)

  1. Please refer to Table 1 for payment information.
  2. Payment should be made at the time of arrival or designated time by the hotel, in Japanese yen or credit cards/other methods that are approved by our hotel. This will be done at the front desk or designated place by the hotel.
  3. We will request for payment even if the guest chooses not to stay after the room is given.

Article 12 (hotel’s responsibility)

  1. The hotel will compensate up to 100,000 yen, unless due to the hotel’s negligence, when the hotel is unable to fulfill the accommodation agreement or causes damage to guests. This is not applicable if the hotel is not at fault.
  2. We do have the Accommodation Liability Insurance, however, damage incurred by the guests may not be covered.

Article 13 (when rooms cannot be provided)

  1. If we are unable to provide the reserved room, we will do our best to provide the room that is similar to what has been requested.
  2. Reservation can be cancelled if we are still unable to provide a room, and Article 6-2 will be applied for cancellation notice. If our hotel is responsible for not being able to provide a room, we will pay double the amount of reservation fee and consider this as the compensation.

Article 14 (items on hold)

  1. When valuables that are left at the front desk are lost or damaged, unless it was out of control, our hotel will compensate for the damage. However, if the guest does not indicate the type or value of the item, unless due to the hotel’s negligence, we will compensate up to 100,000 yen.
  2. We will compensate for valuables or cash that were not left at the front desk and were lost or damaged due to the hotel’s responsibility. However, if the guest does not indicate the type or value of the item, unless due to the hotel’s negligence, we will compensate up to 100,000 yen.

Article 15 (storage)

  1. If the guests’ luggage arrives beforehand and the front desk has already been notified, we will keep it until the guests check in.
  2. If the guests leave their luggage behind after check out, we will notify them to seek further instruction. If no instruction is given or we are unable to contact the guest, we will store the luggage up to 30 days then transfer it to the nearby police. However, valuables will immediately be given to the police. Drinks/food, magazines, or any perishables will be disposed of the day after check out unless notified.
  3. The hotel reserves the right to inspect, return, and/or dispose the items left behind when deemed necessary.

Article 16 (guest’s responsibility)

If guests are unable to comply with accommodation agreement or terms and conditions, and are at fault for causing damage that requires cleaning and/or repairing, or interrupts with business opportunities, they will be asked to compensate for the damage.

Article 17 (revision of agreement)

This agreement can be revised when needed.
When revisions are made, our hotel will post them on our website and in the guest’s room with its content and the effective date.

Table 1 Reservation fee (related to Article 11)

Reservation feeBasic reservation feeRoom and service fee
Additional feeDrinks/food and other usage fee
TaxSales and accommodation tax


  1. Reservation fee is posted inside the hotel or on the website.
  2. Maximum of 2 adults are allowed in the room and 1 child under the age of 3 can share 1 bed.
    • a. Children above 4 Reservation fee for 1 person
    • b. Children below 3 Free
    • Above is applicable when the room is occupied by more than the allowed number of guests. If the room for 2 adults are occupied by 1 adult and 1 child under the age of 3, we will charge for 2 adults.
  3. Above mentioned sales and accommodation tax will be adjusted according to law.
  4. Details of accommodation tax is based on Tokyo’s prefectural accomodation tax regulations.

Table 2 Penalty fee (related to Article 5)

Guests who cancel their reservation will be charged according to the table below:

Without prior noticeThe day of reservationOne day prior to reservationOne week prior to reservation


  1. The percentage will be applied to the reservation fee.
  2. Cancellation fee will be applied the day the cancellation was made.
  3. Penalty fee will be charged even if the days of stay are shortened.
  4. Penalty fee will be charged even if the number of guests are lessened. 

Table 3 Additional fee for using the room after check out (related to Article 8)

In accordance with Article 8-2, additional fee will be charged as follows:
Additional fee will be applied to the basic reservation fee on the last day of stay plus the sales tax.

  1. Additional fee
    • a. Up to 2 hours 30% of additional fee
    • b. Between 2 to 5 hours past 50% of additional fee
    • c. Over 5 hours 100% of additional fee


This accommodation agreement, as well as terms and conditions will be effective as of February 1, 2020.